November 11, 2012

Racist California Girl Calls President Obama a N-Word ... and Loses Her Job

Some white folks truly have lost their mind because President Obama won re-election as the President of the United States. It is so difficult for some of them to accept the fact that we don't have an old white guy in the Oval Office that they have lost their ability to restrain their racist tendencies. For example, did you see where a 22-year old California woman was willing to lose her job over the re-election of President Obama?

I watched this young lady as she gave her insights in this video interview. I wonder if her parents, grandparents are proud about her 15-minutes of fame?

Hopefully, these folks will slow their roll as they come to grips with another four years with a Blackman in the White House. After we shake our heads in disbelief .... and laugh ... perhaps we should say a prayer for these sad, pathetic and racist folks.


Reggie said...


In this country we do have a little something called freedom of speech; however, that doesn't extend to discussing the assassination of a POTUS. That sort of thing tends to piss off The Secret Service. Nah, they don't exactly like that sort of thing. Apparently she embarrassed those folks at Stone Cold Creamery too. I sure wouldn't want this racist crazy bitch scooping out ice cream for me.....with sprinkles.

How come I knew that she wasn't an investment banker or a securities trader or something like that?!? Looks like she needs a job opportunity.....did somebody say McDonalds?!?

Hard Core Michigander said...

She will get another job quicker than any African American or other person of color. Par for the course.

AvaCherryVanilla said...

At the very least, this ignorant woman was honest. It is much better than the person who went to church Sunday after the election praying to "their" God for something to happen to the President because he is the Antichrist or something to that effect.

Unknown said...

Reggie, Richard and Violet - I agree with each of you! This poor girl has had her 15 minutes of fame ... now she can fade back into obscurity. Heck, maybe Donald Trump offers her an apprentice role.

Unknown said...

I am not surprised-ignorance is alive & well!

Unknown said...

Sheila - Someone needs to tell young missy, "Obama Won. Again. Get Over It. Again."