November 13, 2012

Black Women in Europe: Power List 2012 - A List of Our Own

A few years ago I was active in an online community known as AfroSpear. It was a group of bloggers of African descent. One of the powerful voices in that AfroSpear community was Adrienne George. She operates a blog called, Black Women In Europe. Over the past three years she has published a list of powerful Black women in Europe to inspire others to reach their full potential.

The 2012 BWIE Power List names 11 women in the following categories: Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Law, Media, Philanthropy, Politics & Activism and The Arts.

These women are:
  1. Bola Agbaje (England) - The Arts
  2. Fatou Bensouda (The Netherlands) - Law
  3. Natalie Louise Brown (England) - Media
  4. Baroness Cecile de Massy (Monaco) - Philanthropy
  5. Doreen Lawrence (England) - Politics and Activism
  6. Pauline Long (England) - Entertainment
  7. Loreen (Sweden) - Entertainment
  8. Mariam Osman Sherifay (Sweden) - Politics & Activism
  9. Yvonne Thompson (United Kingdom) - Entrepreneurship
  10. Mirel Wagner (Finland) - Entertainment
  11. Zuzana Tvaruzkova (Czech Republic) - Media
I must admit that as an man of African descent here in America I have not heard of any of these 11 powerful Black women. I look forward to learning more about them through their full bios.

Feel free to check out the BWIE Power List for 2010 and 2011 as previously reported on this blog!


Daddy Squeeze Me! said...

never heard of them either but i will be passing this on to all of my sisters here!

I believe Aretha and Annie said it best in 87', SISTERS ARE DOIN IT FOR THEMSELVES!!!

Reggie said...

Interesting. I had never heard of any of these women myself.

Unknown said...

Guess we need to find out if Adrienne created a new list for 2014...