May 3, 2010

Family Wants to Know Why Taser-Happy Arlington Police Electrocuted Unarmed Man to Death

The friends and family of Adil Jouamai say he needed medical attention ... not a taser shock. The 32 year old husband, father and embassy security guard died early Friday morning after being tasered by Arlington Police. [SOURCE]

Adil learned that his father had been hospitalized back home in Morocco. This news upset Adil ... so, his family took him to the hospital to get medication to lower his blood pressure and calm him down.

Just after midnight ... he became agitated again. The family says they called for an ambulance ... but police showed up and asked the family to leave the apartment.

On Friday ... police said they found Jouamai naked, and uncooperative. Officers had to taser him to get him under control. Moments later he stopped breathing and died.

The penalty for being naked and uncooperative should not be death. Especially if there are multiple officers with an unarmed and unclothed victim. This is the second person killed by taser-happy police in Arlington VA.

Jouamai's family is asking why it was necessary to taser him. He was naked, unarmed and they claim there were as many as ten police officers in the room with him.

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