May 11, 2010

Tune In Tuesday: The Foreign Exchange

I'm opening my mind and ears to some folks that I hadn't heard before. One of my colleagues suggested that I take a moment to listen to The Foreign Exchange.

Here are two songs from them:

I'm enjoying the flow from this group ... and I love that there ain't any booty-shakin' or other misogyny nonsense in these lyrics or videos. Were you already aware of The Foreign Exchange before this blog post?

Womanist Musings created a weekly meme today called Tune In Tuesday. She noted that our blogs often deal with serious issues and it might be nice to lighten the atmosphere every once in awhile. Music has the ability to trigger happy memories and much of our lives are marked by song. To that end each Tuesday this blog intends to offer a song and tell you about what it triggers for me and in return you are welcome to share any memories that you have associated with it.


msladydeborah said...


It is getting to the point where a lot of the artist that I listen to are found through other people. I very seldom listen to the radio stations in my hometown because there is no true musical diversity.

Villager said...

Lady D - I'm even worse. If I had a copy of the Billboard Top 100 ... it is likely that I wouldn't know more than 10-15 of the songs on it.

I'm officially an old man. Another way of saying it ... I've become my father....