June 19, 2010

Meet Democratic Senatorial Candidate Alvin Greene (D-SC) [Video]

Some shyt doesn't really need much in the way of commentary. That being said ... do you have any thoughts on candidate Greene?


Constructive Feedback said...

I was not looking at Alvin Greene during the interview. Instead I chose to look at Keith Olbermann.

While we can all agree that Alvin Greene is not qualified to be a candidate for the US Senate - it was clear to me that unlike Chris Matthews with Obama after the "State Of The Union Address" where he "did not see a 'Black man' Olbermann had a different take.

Olbermann saw a Black man in front of him who should not be the candidate for Senate yet he did not go after him because there was no need to piss Black people off for doing what he would do if Sarah Palin was in front of him.

credo said...

I like what you posted @constructive

Outraged said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. He's obviously inept and incompetent. Somebody should just give him an RC cola and a moon pie and have him call it a day!

Villager said...

All - Any new information or thoughts about senatorial candidate Alvin Greene?