June 5, 2010

Jasper-Style Lynching of Anthony Hill in South Carolina [VIDEO]

Some trends need to be squashed before they can get going. Our nation has a horrific history with lynchings. We can ill-afford to allow racist white folks to begin using their pick-up trucks for lynching of Black folks.

Today I heard about another African American man being dragged on a rope behind a truck. This time the murderous hate crime occured in South Carolina, where Anthony Hill, 30, was dragged for 10 miles behind the truck of a 19-year old co-worker.

Police followed a trail of blood to the mobile home of 19-year old Gregory Collins. Collins was a co-worker of Mr. Hill at a local chicken-processing plant.

The police demanded that Collins come out - but he refused. After a three-hour stand-off, police forced him out by using tear gas. He was wearing an empty gun holster.

Sheriff Lee Foster, who has been in law enforcement for 35 years, told a local news conference it was 'one of the top three most violent crime scenes he's ever seen'.

Police believe Hill was killed at Collins' mobile home with a shot to the head, and then his body dragged behind a pickup truck.

I recall the tremendous public outcry when James Byrd was dragged to his death in Jasper, Texas. There was less attention when Brandon McClelland was dragged to his death. Even worse, the white racists that killed young Brandon were never convicted of his murder.

I hope that this miscreant (Gregory Collins) feels the full weight of the law. More importantly, I hope that they put him in the same jail cell as a 350-pound Black lifer who can do a little draggin' of his own! 

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