June 8, 2010

National Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

I was inspired by one of my consulting clients to create a groupsite for HIV/AIDS Awareness.  As such, I've learned that there are many communities who try to raise awareness as well.  For example, today - Tuesday, June 8 - is the fifth annual observation of National Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, intended to increase awareness about HIV among communities hailing from the Caribbean Islands, one of the most heavily affected regions worldwide.

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) tells us that the Caribbean has been more affected by HIV than any region outside sub-Saharan Africa, and has the second highest HIV prevalence among adults (1.0%).

UNAIDS estimates that 19,000 Caribbeans died of AIDS and an additional 250,000 were living with the HIV in 2006. In 2005, there were a reported 38,133 new HIV diagnoses among Caribbean Americans living in the U.S.

For further information about HIV among Caribbean Americans, resources, and events to recognize the day, see the following sites:

- AIDSInfo National Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day web site:

- U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day web page:

- Caribbean People International Collective:


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Villager said...

Garima - Your comment is off-topic, however the issue you raise is important. I'll leave the comment ... and wish you well in your activism.

I hope you will continue to visit my blog ... and share on-topic comments as you have time or inclination!