June 4, 2010

Taser Death: Audrecus Davis (Atlanta GA)

I don't have many details on this taser-related death.  What we know is that DeKalb County police offers electrocuted Audrecus Davis five times with their taser guns during a struggle on May 9th.  Paramedics had been attempting to treat the man for a possible drug overdose when he became violent. That’s when police arrived and found the 6′-4″, 375lb man foaming from the nose and mouth and defecating all over the room.

The father of Audrecas Davis said his son had never been violent. [SOURCE]

I want to say, ‘Do they think he is some type of vicious animal,’” said Jimmy Davis, father of Audrecas Davis, 29, who police say was combative to paramedics who tried help him at a DeKalb motel room. “If a bear comes into the yard and is not harming anyone, you would just let him go into the wild. Why didn’t you just let him go back in his room and call his relatives?
Davis’ family has hired an attorney and is considering a lawsuit, his father told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday.

Paramedics were called to Audrecas Davis’ room at the Budgetel Inn on Chamblee-Tucker Road on May 9 after motel staff found him passed out. Paramedics summoned police after Davis, who was 375 pounds, awoke during treatment and became combative according to the police report.

During the struggle, officers used a Taser on Davis five times to get him to comply with their commands. Officers said in the report that they repeated the shocks because the weapon seemed to have little effect on Davis. After each stun, Davis continued to fight. One time, he ripped the prongs from the Taser out of his skin, the report indicated.

Police also indicated they found evidence of drug activity in the room.

Jimmy Davis said his son had a previous criminal record involving drugs, but had cleaned up his life.

I know he was not a violent person,” Jimmy Davis said. “That’s out of character for him. I don’t know if he was hallucinating or what. He is always the one that calms the family down.”
Stephen Apolinsky, a lawyer for Davis’ family, said he is still waiting for more information, but he doesn’t understand why police were trying to handcuff him.

Why did they use this Taser as a cattle prod to force him in an ambulance? It’s his decision to decline medical treatment,” Apolinsky said.
According to the police report, Davis was foaming at the mouth and nose and had defecated in the hotel room. He became unresponsive after the stuns with the Taser, in addition to two injections of a medication to calm him down.

Apolinsky said Davis had hypertension and may have had clogged arteries, but he is waiting on the autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Audrecas Davis was working with his grandfather on a farm in Albany to make money to help care for his two children. He was in DeKalb County visiting family for Mother’s Day, his father said.

Please let us know if you have any additional information on this taser electrocution.


Gunfighter said...


Your post says that the deceased fought with paramedics that were trying to treat him. You also described his as being 6'4", and 375 lbs... Why WOULDN'T the cops use a taser?

Unknown said...

Gunfighter - The guy was sick and in need of help. He was throwing up and shyting on himself. He needed help ... he didn't need to be killed. The police should be able to figure out the difference.