April 15, 2011

Is Rev. Jesse Jackson on the Down-Low?

Tommy Bennett
A former travel assistant to Rev. Jesse Jackson claims that his refusal to give oral sex led to his being fired by Rainbow Push. Tommy Bennett is suing Jesse Jackson and Rainbow Push for $450,000 for sexual harassment as a result of his termination from the organization.

It seems a million years ago that Jesse Jackson was standing tall as a legitimate candidate for the oval office. Lately, his image is tarnished by what he says about the president when nobody is looking or his out-of-wedlock baby or even by the indiscretions of his son.

Anyhow, Bennett says that his duties as Jackson's travel assistant included cleaning up after booty-call sessions with the Reverend. The sad thing is that Bennett's accusations have a ring of truth to them, don't they?!

Personally, I've lost my interest in what Jesse Jackson has to say ... however, it is sad that his legacy is taking another hit because of this lawsuit. Do you think that Rev. Jackson is being set-up? Or do you think that there is an element of truth to this story? 


Chris said...

J.J. jr will definitely run for the Oral Office in 2012. LOL

Villager said...

Chris - I had to read your comment twice before I correctly saw that 'Oral' replaced 'Oval'. I'm agree with your LOL now that I've read it right!