April 7, 2011

Taser-Happy Cops Blast Ryan Bain Four Times ... And Get Away With It?!?

We were disappointed to learn that a coroner's inquest jury in Billings, Montana came to the conclusion that 31-year old Ryan Bain died from an accidental overdose of methamphetamine. The jury decided that the law enforcement officials who shocked Bain four times with their taser guns did not commit a criminal offense. [SOURCE]

Did you see the raw video of the police and jail officers who appeared to over-react to the news that Bain tried to steal the car of an off-duty police officer?

The video is shocking. Did they really need that many cops to inflict pain on one naked and handcuffed man? The jury seemed to discount their own eyes ... and instead they relied on the testimony of forensic pathologist Dr. Thomas Bennett.

Bennett told the jury that Bain died from a toxic dose of methamphetamine that caused cardiac arrest. The four shocks from police Tasers did not play a role in the man's death, he said.

Our prayers are with the Bain family has they try to deal with this questionable verdict from the coroner's inquest jury. Y'all know how I feel about this case ... what say u?


Stu-Pac said...

The jury never reviewed any of the video or audio or any of the contradicting stories. One juror had to be asked numerous times to "Wake-UP!" because he was sleeping. There was no deliberations. The jury did exactly what the Deputy District Attorney told them to do and just fill in the blanks on the form as he instructed. Photographic evidence was asked to be presented along with numerous questions by family members but it must not have fit with with the ass dep attorney's cop loving story. The jury was selected randomly 4 old, white ladies, 2 young , white men against 1 hispanic(Mexican according to the coroner on the death certificate) young man.

Villager said...

Stu-Pac - Thank you for sharing insights on the actual inquest proceedings. I wonder if any of the jurors will see the video when they get home ... so they can realize how they were duped.

Stu-Pac said...

5 old white ladys and two young men were the jurors.