April 16, 2011

Weekly Address: President Obama on America's Fiscal Future

It has been an interesting week for our federal budget. A compromise on the FY-2011 federal budget was signed into law by the president ... no government shut-down (at least thru September 30, 2011).

The discussion now turns to the FY-2012 federal budget. House Republicans, led by Paul Ryan (R-WI) stepped out first with their budget plan. It seemed to raise the ante on efforts to de-fund the health care reform bill that was passed last year as well as providing over a trillion dollars in tax cuts for the wealthiest folks in America. Oh yeah, and the plan seems to call for an end to the social safety nets like Medicare and Medicaid.

President Obama pushed back with his own plan to reduce the federal deficit by $4 trillion dollars over the next 12 years. The president's budget plan calls for an end to the so-called 'Bush Tax Cuts' for the wealthiest Americans, along with cuts of $400 billion to the defense budget. The president talks about his budget plan in his weekly address to the nation.

What is your view on the ongoing federal budget discussions. Is President Obama making sense to you? Or do you think that Paul Ryan and the House Republicans are more on point for future direction of our nation's fiscal future?

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