February 26, 2012

1976 Blue and White Newspaper (Los Angeles High School)

That is me sitting down (2nd from the left) with the other members of the journalism class that produced the high school newspaper -- the Blue and White -- back in 1976. I was a 17-year old brother with a large afro back then. But, I guess my desire to write and report was born back then ... and still lives today via my blogs.

I decided to publish this photo as a way to get myself back engaged in daily blog posts here on the Electronic Village. We'll see if I can rev up my engines again over the coming weeks and months!


Carolyn said...

Nice pic of another life and time, yet, crucial in making the man you are today.

I don't think quantity is the key but quality and just do a post when you can among your other responsibilities. Your sidebar is also informative. We'll continue to stop by and visit and if so moved leave a comment. ^◡^

Villager said...

Carolyn - Thanx for the compliment on photo and blog sidebar.

I feel you on quality versus quantity. I just have to find a way to get back up on the horse and ride again...