February 14, 2012

Taser Death: Johnnie Warren (Dothan, AL)

A Houston County sheriff's deputy has been placed on paid administrative leave as authorities continue to investigate the death of a 43-year-old Johnnie Kamahi Warren who was handcuffed following a bar fight in Dothan, Alabama. [SOURCE]

Dothan Police Chief Greg Benton insists that his officers did the right thing when they electrocuted an UNARMED and HANDCUFFED man who was already in their custody.

It should be interesting to see how this taser-killing gets worked out over the coming weeks and months.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is investigating.


ron said...

I wonder how many people will read the source instead of believing the LIE posted in EV?

quote "a sheriff’s deputy was close by, and when he arrived he saw three men struggling with what appeared to be an intoxicated patron on the ground outside the business.

“When he got to the scene, he deployed a Taser in an attempt to get him under control,” Hughes said.

Benton said three to four Dothan police officers arrived shortly after the deputy used the Taser. As the deputy and the three to four officers managed to handcuff Warren, he started going in and out consciousness."

Villager said...

Ron - The police officer used his taser as a weapon of convenience. It was an unnecessary taking of a human life. The key point is that Mr. Warren was UNARMED when he was electrocuted to death by the unidentified police officer. That is simply wrong on so many levels...