January 2, 2015

Village Tip: 15 Ideas to Improve Your Networking

I have shared tips on 'The Art of Networking' in the past. I thought that the time was right to be more specific. Here are 15 things you should *DO* if you want to make your networking work!
  1. Do ask for what you want.  No one is there to take care of you.  Anticipate that contacts may say 'No' and don't be offended if they do.
  2. Do be business-like ... always!
  3. Do circulate at meetings.  Learn to introduce yourself to strangers.
  4. Do continue to develop your expertise and visibility to enhance your value to the network.
  5. Do deliver when you say you will.
  6. Do follow good rules of social etiquette.
  7. Do follow-up on leads. 
  8. Do give sensitive and caring feedback to members of your network.
  9. Do maintain confidentiality.  Protect your sources.
  10. Do not abandon former networks as you climb higher.
  11. Do not be discouraged.  If given the brush off by one contact in your network, move on!
  12. Do offer to pick up the tab!
  13. Do refine your 'want list' and only ask for one thing at a time.
  14. Do test out the reliability of any information you receive.
  15. Do try to give as much as you get from network contacts.  Reciprocity is the name of the game.  Do not wait to be asked!

These are some ideas on how you can maximize your positive results from networking. Have any of these ideas worked for you in the past? Do you have other ideas that we may have missed?

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