November 1, 2011

Wayne Hicks Discusses 'The Art of Networking' at University of Cincinnati

I'm honored to be the guest speaker at the ADVANCE Networking Reception later this evening. The Networking Reception will take place on Tuesday, November 1st at the University of Cincinnati’s Myers Alumni Center form 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Located at 2906 Woodside Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221.

ADVANCE is a student focused professional development organization that assists students, primarily African American, with making the transition from college to the work environment by developing and enhancing skills in resume writing, interviewing, networking, business etiquette, and understanding corporate/world of work cultures.

This reception was created by students in ADVANCE over 24 years ago as a pre-career fair activity designed to market the Diversity Student Career Fair, and to promote students’ understanding of the “Art of Networking.” Students also benefit by receiving insight on business protocol and work world dynamics.

The ADVANCE organization will host the Networking Reception. Following sign-in, there will be introductions, acknowledgement of sponsors, and a brief presentation on the do's and don'ts of the "Art of Networking." Immediately following this segment, light refreshments will be served and students will begin their interactions with corporate representatives. Please bring plenty of business cards as students have been instructed to collect cards from company participants. The dress for employers is business formal or business casual.

I look forward to my participation in this year’s ADVANCE Networking Reception. Wish me luck!


Carolyn Moon said...

I was so impressed by your outreach and advocacy to/for our young folks for mentorship is so important. The art of skillfully navigating workplace systems with the knowledge of formal and informal networks that operate within them are keys to success.

The loving remembrance of your brother struck a chord with me. They live on in our memories and hearts and by sharing with others, we too, can share in the tribute.

Wonderful post.

Villager said...

Carolyn - Thank you for your kind words. I updated the blog post with a link to the presentation material that I used with the audience the other night.

Understanding 'Informal' networks are keys to success in Corporate America. I actually have a workshop that I do on 'Office Politics' that gives some specifics on this topic.

re: the post on my brother -- Thank you. The beauty of having your own blog is that you can do things like that for posterity.

Carolyn Moon said...

Thanks for the update. My daughter is working within the corporate culture now and has been for the past 4 yrs.. She's attempting to advance to a higher management position and we've discussed informal networks. I'm not as schooled in this area because I chose to be a mental health professional. We discuss general human behavior concepts.

I've forwarded your lecture and your link. So thanks again.