November 10, 2011

Video of the Day: Rick Perry is an Intellectual Midget

I guess it's fair to say that Rick Perry just lost any chance he had to win the Republican nomination for president. In fact, Rick Perry may now replace Dan Quayle as the biggest dummy to ever run for the presidency ... with honorable mention to Sarah Palin.

It turns out the the Department of Energy was the third agency that Rick Perry was trying to remember.

Do you see any future for Rick Perry?


Carolyn Moon said...

It's amazing to me that as sorry as his performance was; he's found a way to make that work for him.

Observing that debate was daunting!!

Villager said...

Carolyn - I feel bad that I gave up on this debate after the first hour. I should have known that Rick Perry was going to melt down at the end (as he always does). I think that Perry is toast. Only thing keeping him afloat now is the $15 million that he already pocketed in campaign donations. He is forever tarnished as the 'brain fart' candidate.

Henry Ford said...

What a dual set of standards that still exist in this country. Can you IMAGINE that coming from the mouth of a "Sister" or a "Brother." Where are the shock jocks now?

Villager said...

Henry - I think that this debate gaffe was so humongous that Perry's chance of every getting elected to national office are now over. The only remaining question is how he plans to use his $15 million war chest. Does he use it to scorch the earth on Milt Romney? or does he use it to try to rehabilitate his own image?