November 7, 2011

Conrad Murray Found Guilty of Killing Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's doctor was convicted Monday of involuntary manslaughter after a trial that painted him as a reckless caregiver who administered a lethal dose of a powerful anesthetic that killed the pop star.

The verdict against Dr. Conrad Murray marked the latest chapter in one of pop culture's most shocking tragedies — the death of the King of Pop on the eve of the singer's heavily promoted comeback concerts.

Murray sat stone-faced and showed little reaction at the verdict.

Are you satisfied that justice was done?


TZONE6 said...

No, Conrad Murray did not sit stoned face during his verdict. He looked like he wanted to say "This is some Bullsh8T!" Or better yet "Oh Hell Naw! They gon' kill my a$$ in jail". Gots to be more careful CM. This one is for Mike!

Villager said...

TZone6 - Yeah, life is definitely gonna be different for Conrad Murray. It ain't good being known as the guy who killed Michael Jackson...