June 21, 2011

Worst First Pitch in the History of Baseball * John Wall vs. Mariah Carey vs. Mayor Mallory

John Wall was the #1 pick in the NBA draft last year. He is a world-class basketball player. I guess he didn't fully realize that throwing a first pitch at a baseball game is not the same as throwing a bounce pass in a NBA game.   This pitch was thrown on June 17, 2011.

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. As such, I'm very proud of our city's mayor. Mayor Mallory is a young brother with a strong family legacy in local and state politics. So, we were surprised, shamed and humiliated when Mayor Mallory made the first pitch last year at a major league baseball game. Take 35 seconds to relive the horror of it all:

Fast forward to May 2008. Someone thinks it is a bright idea for Mariah Carey to throw out the first pitch at a major league game in Japan. Mariah Carey has many skills ... throwing a baseball ain't one of them ... especially when you are wearing 5-inch heels to do so:

John's pitch may have been picture-perfect on the fast break of a basketball game ... Mariah's pitch had better direction ... Mayor Mallory's pitch had more distance. I dunno. Which one do you think earns the honor of being the 'Worst First Pitch in the History of Baseball'?


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Mayor Mallory wins. Mariah may have thrown like a girl. She may have been trying to be cute. ..
but, at least she went in the right direction.

Mayor Mallory had me crying and laughing.

SjP said...

Hey Villager! Stop talking about Nick's woman like that! She's a respectable married woman now...or at least married...


Mitch said...

Now that's just a shame! At least Mariah got hers to go straight and looked better while doing it. Funny stuff!

Regina said...

hey Villager,
Wow! I can't even call it! It is so close but I think Mallory may win because I NEVER want to see a dude throw like that EVER again in my life!!

clnmike said...

Hands down it was Mayor Mallory, at least Mariah's went down the middle, plus she looked good, I'll watch her throw balls all day.