June 27, 2011

Serena and Venus are Wimble-Done...

I enjoyed watching the early-morning Wimbledon tennis championship last week. Serena Williams and Venus Williams alternated days on the court as they made their way through the first three rounds of the tournament. The two of them have dominated Wimbledon over the past decade. I was confident that they would meet each other later this week in the Wimbledon finals.

My expectations were shattered today when the Williams' sisters both lost today against lower-ranked players. I suspect that most 'villagers' join me in letting out a sigh of disappointment when we realized that neither sister was in the tournament any longer.

It is likely that I won't be watching Wimbledon any more this week.

Well, I might be tempted to see if this Mardy Fish guy can keep winning. He is the last American standing in the tournament. He's in the quarterfinals ... so he has a chance to make some noise if he can win another match or two.

Question for the Day: Will Serena or Venus ever make it back to #1 in tennis rankings?


Miriam said...


I was just wondering if you read about Thomas James Ball who killed himself out of tiredness and exaspiration about the system set in place in America.

He wrote a last statement which I thought was very enlightening. so enlightening in fact, that it's probably not going to get much publicity.

Just wondering if you read it and if so, what you thought about it.

Thomas James Ball. (poor guy).

Malcolm said...

I was shocked to see both Serena and Venus eliminated. In answer to your question, I think Serena will make it back to #1. She was at the top of the year-end rankings not that long ago (2009), so I don't think climbing back to the top is out of her reach.

Villager said...

Miriam - I read his letter. It was more like a dissertation. But, he obviously felt strongly about it. I can feel him on the issue of 'child support' and its impact on both the man/husband/ father. Do you know race or national origin of Mr. Ball?

Malcolm - I hope you're right! I would like to see Serena (or Venus) back in the top rankings again.

Miriam said...

Villager - i assumed white. but it has relevance to what most everyone else (Blacks, Hispanics) r going through. he -and ppl like him- are just now realizing that they aren't immune.

It just reminded me of the taser deaths. He might as well replace the domestic violence with taser killings.

Karen Swim, Words For Hire said...

I was so disappointed to see Serena and Venus eliminated yesterday but I believe these two talented sisters will be back on top. They are still young, and healthy and conditioned they remain a force.