June 18, 2011

Eyewitness to Taser-Killing of Howard Hammon: 'It Was Like a Rodney King Beating'

Middleburg Heights police chief John Maddox still claims that his officers didn't do anything wrong when they killed an unarmed 41-year old man last week. However, an eyewitness has come forward to say what he saw Middleburg Heights officers do to a man was like watching the Rodney King video. [SOURCE]

Howard Hammon was electrocuted by taser at least five times because he didn't show the proper respect to a police officer.

But a new witness says it's what police did after Hammon was on the ground that is most disturbing to him. He claims one officer stomped on Hammon's head at least twice with his foot, while two other officers kneed him repeatedly in the rib cage, and yet another officer was punching him in the side.

Hammon would later die after being left face down in the grass for five minutes. When paramedics arrived he wasn't breathing and had no pulse.

The witness who has come forward says he did so because his conscience couldn't handle not saying something.

It is hard to see how the police can justify this murder?!

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