June 30, 2011

Taser Autopsy: Otto Kolberg (Waycross, GA)

The powers-that-be down in Waycross (GA) are trying to convince themselves and the public that 55-year old Otto Kolberg died from injuries in a truck crash and not from the 50,000 volts of electricity that were pumped into him from a Ware County sheriff's deputy's Taser.

The preliminary results from an autopsy are being widely released to mitigate the fault of the taser in this man's death.
"The preliminary results show Mr. Kolberg died due to injuries consistent with the car wreck. Those results also indicate the Taser didn't have any effect in causing his death," said Russell Mansfield, special agent in charge of the GBI office in Douglas, which is handling the investigation.
Read the rest of the Florida Times-Union article on this taser-related death.

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