June 28, 2008

Blog Safari #4

Here are some interesting blog posts that we came across while hunting outside of our village recently. I hope you enjoy the knowledge dropped by these enlightened blogs:

Let us know if you come across any remarkable posts that should be shared in our next Blog Safari!


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hi All,

I'm a fairly new on the blogging scene too, and would like to invite you to read my latest article, The HIV Behind That Smile.

~ Kit

Villager said...

Kit - Your comprehensive review of the HIV situation and the personal stories that you share in this blog post are remarkable. I will add to the next Blog Safari for those villagers that don't see your comment...

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Thank so much Villager. However, this evening my blog's main address is malfunctioning. I least I hope this is the problem, and not that some vengeful person or hater lied and reported me as a spam blog.

My writing, as you've discovered, is powerful and hits a nerve with people - including those who don't want to hear or read the truth.

They try to censor you by any means necessary rather than confront you with your beliefs and make a case why theirs is better. We see this played out on right wing news stations all the time, but it's really everywhere, including our own community.

I went through this last year and this year when I wrote a few black fiction short stories and posted them on the Internet. People loved them or hated them. It was such a hassle that a few months ago, I decided to go the book publishing route in the fall.

Tonight is a 'here we go again' scenario. I've learned it's par for the course when you keep it real. If and until my blog is back on line, I'll spend more time writing my fiction.

IN the meantime, anyone can still access my blog by the direct link to the article mentioned in the first comment here, and from there, my other articles.

Villager, if you have a direct line with blogspot, put in a good word for me. Maybe it'll speed up things. Thanks.

~ Kit

If anyone wants to reach me by email, contact me at kitnoble at gmail dot com.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Villager, the problem has been fixed! Don't know what caused it but they got my email and I'm back online.