June 30, 2008

A Simple Request to the G8

2008 is a landmark year in the fight against poverty and disease. The world is halfway to 2015 when the Millennium Goals must be achieved, but Africa is perilously off track. 2008 is also the halfway point between 2005 and 2010 when many promises made by the 'Group of 8' (G8) to Africa must be met such as the commitment to provide an additional $25 billion in effective aid for Africa. The G8 are dangerously behind on these landmark commitments.

In 2008, G8 leaders have the opportunity -- and responsibility -- to put weight behind their words.

I hope that all 'villagers' will sign the online petition that calls upon the G8 to build on recent success in fighting extreme poverty. We want the G8 to deliver their commitments on healthcare, agriculture and education and by helping citizens in developing countries in their efforts to improve governance and fight corruption.

What say u about signing this online petition?


SjP said...

Villager - must admit that I've never heard of the G8 before. Thanks for posting...will sign the petition.

Your welcome on the Emblem...Much Obliged for all you do!


Villager said...

Sojourner - The G8 is some powerful folk. I just hope that they take their responsibility towards dealing with the issues of Africa seriously when they meet...

clnmike said...

Im sorry but I have very mixed feelings about this.

There is not enough information and transparency on what form this money is going get there, as in cash, or technology and information.

My concern is that they will give the nations fish as opposed to teaching them how to fish.

There is a form of international welfare going on between the First world and Third World.

When ever developed nations start playing big brother to less developed nations it is usually not out of the kindness of there heart. They give money to these nations but with very specific ideas on how they should run there own nations and how and where to spend the money.

For example China is not to my knowledge a member of the G8 but there tatics are no different. China does not spend billions of dollars in Africa out of kindness, you can tell that by there track record in Sudan and Tibet, what they are doing is shoring natural resources and international support for there causes like looking the other way in Tibet, or not recognizing Taiwan as an independent nation.

The United states is a member of G8and yet they are trying hustle a permanent military base on the African continent. (And if you believe it's to fight terroism I have a bridge in brooklyn to sell you.)

Exactly how long do you think this nation will give out money and put up with people they are giving money to telling them no to there "requests"?

Take the food crisis that went on Haiti, many people know that the Haiti could not produce enough food for themselves and could not afford to pay the cost of imported rice. What they do not know is that in the 80's under international pressure that included the United States, Haiti was forced to lower taxs and open it's market to outside produce which ran there own farmers out of business.

There is also the debate about how these less than developed nations are being prepped to be nothing but producers of natural resources such as alternative fuel sources and having to rely on the "consumer" nations for everything else including food.

I like the idea of helping less developed nations but the kind of help should be the type that allows them to keep there independence with no strings attached.

Now if i were to be real cynical about this I could say that what is going on in African, (famine, genocide, war, disease), is no different than what happened in Europe and the Americas, the only difference is there is TV and the internet to bring it right into your living room.

You can say these are nothing but growing pains of a nation and that they should be left alone to sort it out for themselves.

If I was cynical like that.

Yobachi said...

I must have missed this email because I usually get the One emails.

I signed via your link and emailed to about 40 people.

Villager said...

Yobachi - Asante sana!

Mike - You never need to apologize for sharing your village voice on this blog. And in your case, you come correct with comprehensive comments.

I agree that Africa should be left alone. However, we are beyond that point. The continent has been raped by Europe, America and now China. Colonial mindset is still being overcome ... and nobody appears to be looking out for the people. The G8 can provide financial and other support. Ideally without ties ... but, better to get help with ties at this point than no help (IMHO). At the end of the day, the question may be ... what are each of us doing here where we are in America to support our cousins in Africa? I know that I can and should do more...