June 9, 2008

Will Obama Select Gen. James Jones for Vice President?

There are a number of folks on the short list of potential running mates for Barack Obama.

Obvious choices are: Evan Bayh, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Tim Kaine, Kathleen Sebelius, Ted Strickland, Mark Waner and Jim Webb.

MSNBC reports that a new name appears to be working its way up the list ... retired Gen. James Jones, the former Marine-turned-NATO Supreme Allied Commander. Jones, a Vietnam vet born in Kansas City, MO, was a career military officer rising to one of the highest posts possible. Now retired, Jones has been appointed to independent posts by both the Democratic Congress and the Republican-run State Department.

Jones currently is the president and CEO of the Institute for 21st Century Energy, which is an affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce. He also serves on the boards of Boeing, Chevron and Invacare, a manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment.

Selecting Jones would definitely be a break from tradition and would further cement Obama as the candidate of change moving into the general election. It may also blunt the force of McCain's strength in all matters related to the military.

Who do you see as top candidates for Obama's running mate?


Danielle said...

Hello my sweet.

I cannot in good conscious agree with Gen. James Jones as a vice presidential candidate on Obama's ticket.

I checked out the Institute for 21st Century Energy and found this:

"Taking steps to open Yucca Mountain for the permanent storage of spent nuclear fuel provides long-needed certainty to the nuclear industry to usher in a welcomed renaissance of safe, emissions-free nuclear power," Gen. Jones said.

"A new nuclear power plant has not been built in the United States in over 30 years. This trend must be reversed.

Any solution to combat climate change and deliver emissions-free electricity to meet America's growing energy appetite--that will increase by more than one-third by 2030--must include significant expansion of nuclear power in the United States."

Yucca Mountain is 100 miles from Las Vegas dug into porous rock formations in a geologically unstable environment found to be on a fault line. I'm no scientist but that doesn't sound very safe to me.

I cannot dig on nuclear energy either. Until we figure out how to safely get rid of the waste we cannot continue to produce it.

The military is currently using depleted uranium as a means to recycle nuclear waste and is causing numerous health effects on both our soldiers and our Iraqi family.

My opinion is that Obama go with Edwards as V.P. and focus more on solutions in the general election rather than playing the blame game that McCain and the Republicans are very skilled at playing.

If Obama can craft his solutions in different contexts such as energy, the economy, defense, and the War in simple but concise terms. Same solution in essence translated for different audiences he may have a chance.

Obama and his supporters cannot underestimate the unfortunate reality of Republican strategy, and American racism.

This is a monumental election cycle, at least in my adult lifetime. Whatever the results, Americans are growing more and more aware of their civic power and that can only lead to a better and brighter future.

In light and love


SjP said...

Interesting possibility. But, just looking at his picture - he kind of scares me. But, no doubt - McCain would be hesitant to smear a General.

I'm still partial to Biden - but he comes with some baggage. Edwards, well, I'm glad he endorsed Obama - but I don't think that's a good ticket. Besides, don't think he's in the running since Obama said that his wife was going to help put his health plan together (so that kind of knocks him and Hillary out). Personally, I think the dream ticket would be Obama-Powell...O.K., I'm in dreamland!


clnmike said...

That would be a savy pick to counter McCain but no one knows this man or his politics. It seems like a pick for the short term solution of winning the election and not the long term goal of ruling the country.

Villager said...

Danielle - I've been missing you over the past few weeks, but, I saw that your man was out of the country and you were doing the single parent thang! I know that drill all too well.

re: nuclear energy. You hit it on the head. We need to figure out a good plan for getting rid of the waste. That is the key to being able to move forward more aggressively with nuclear as an alternative to foriegn oil (sez the guy who just spent $64 to fill up his tank). I sense your sensitivity to the subject as a Nevada resident.

re: John Edwards. I'm not feeling him for Vice President. I am feeling him for Attorney General. I hope that he is much more aggressive as an Obama surrogate during the election cycle. He stayed too much in the cut during the primary season after he pulled out of the election...

Villager said...

Sojourner - I understand that Edwards pulled his name out of the running ... so did the Ohio governor. I don't think that Colin Powell is a legit candidate at this point (smile) ... although I hope that he endorses Obama. I think that he has been hinting without making formal endorsement. How cool would it be to see Colin Powell at the DemConvention in Denver this summer!

Mike - '...seems like a pick for short-term, not long-term running the country...'

Those are my thoughts about selecting Hillary Clinton (smile)...

Truthiz said...

I don't know Villager...(?)

I'm with SJP when it comes to the General. The guy does look a bit "scary"_lol!

I like Jim Webb for VP. In addition to his military background, I think he has the kind of Scot-Irish/Appalachian "grit" that will have the GOP on its heels more often than not!

I like Biden for Secretary of State and Edwards for Attorney General.

Villager said...

Truthiz - I'm leaning towards Jim Webb as my favorite as well. I think that the VP candidate should be someone that has gone through an election so that they have a clue what to expect...

If Biden were made Secretary of State it would be the first white male in that office for many years...

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

James Jones is a dream VP - for John McCain.

John describes him as "one of my closest friends" in this 2007 NY Times article. Not only that, he'd like to give his buddy a juicy Pentagon job.

One can only wonder how James Jones, who spent most of his adult life as a Republican - obsessing and writing about the Confederacy and partying with bomb makers, (oops, I meant, defense industry professionals) - wandered over to Democrats and made the short list for their nominee.

I smell a mole.

Jonzee said...

Let's see...I'm sticking with Kathy Sebelius or Jim Webb. I know Webb is a little more conservative than some of us Dems would like--but that's probably what makes him complement our lefty-Obama so much.

Since we are talking about other posts, here are the rest of my dreams--including a couple not at cabinet level:

Supreme Court--Hillary--hands down as the first one.

AG- John Edwards

And a post I care about most-- Secretary of HUD that has been dismantled to the point of foolishness after the last 8 years? For that, either Bart Harvey--former chairman of the Enterprise Foundation or Jack Kemp former Secretary under Poppa Bush (great Secretary, but the rethugs tried to ruin him and absolute wishful thinking)

Martin Lindsey. said...

I don't know much about the General but a guy like him would give Obama instant military and foreign policy cred which he needs walking in the door.

Every President puts troops on the ground either overtly or covertly before they leave office so that's the realm where I want to see lots of experience.

clnmike said...

AHH Touche!