February 3, 2009

Festive 40-Day Fast for the Future

Barack Obama announced his intention to campaign for the presidency two years ago in Springfield, IL. Nobody gave him much of a chance. We all know how that announcement turned out.

Lenny McAllister recently put out the call to Black leaders across our communities to participate in a 'Festive 40-Day Fast for the Future.' Nobody gives him much of a chance. When will we learn?

We live in a world where anything is possible. As such, the Electronic Village stands in support of this celebratory call for change considering the magnitude of the early part of 2009 - the 80-year birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the initial days with our first African American president.

We ask that all African Americans use the remainder of 2009 Black History Month as a time to enjoy what is happening in America. This is a unique opportunity to address the ills found in Black America, leveraging the depth of experienced Black mentors with new Black leadership to bring about a new reality for Black people - and all citizens - in 21st century America.

The initial goals that have been listed for these 40 days are:
  1. No Black-initiated crime during the 40 days (thus, calling a truce, if you will)
  2. No Black truancy from school during the 40 days (to celebrate accomplishment, not disengagement)
  3. No Black-on-Black violence or murder during the 40 days (to celebrate life, not death)
  4. No "b****es, no n**gaz, no jiggas, and no hoes" for 40 days (to usher in a return of Black Chivalry)

Other goals will be added to a list of long-term initiatives to create required solutions to make permanent, positive changes in Black America. There are a number of initiatives in place currently that will be highlighted in order to generate additional momentum for these efforts.

This is a short-term initiative that Black leaders throughout the country can embrace, not as a call that one is individually making, but as a call that we collectively need.

Our children - American children - are at need, and it will take their fathers, mothers, brothers, and cousins to turn this around more than it will ever take a program or a government to do it for them.

The support of all villagers will be greatly appreciated, but this must be led by African Americans because it is our families, Black young men, and children in crisis.

What better way to celebrate from MLK Day through the end of Black History Month than to permanently change our communities just as the history of the country has changed?

The next step is yours. You've heard the call. Will you heed it as well?


Los Angelista said...

I really like this idea of the 40 days. As far as the goals go, I don't do any of those things anyway (and neither does my family) so I'd have to come up with some other goals for us. One that immediately comes to mind, given the need to strengthen our black family unit, is the idea of praying as a family and having family meetings to create visions, set goals and hear each other.

Too bad that more folks aren't giving McAllister's ideas a chance though. Any little bit of change makes a difference.

DNLee said...

Another Goal could be to Celebrate & Encourgage Academic Achivement of our youth (which goes hand in hand with no skipping school or work).

Thanks to some great discussions at the ScienceOnline09 Conference, the interest in diversity in science has resulted in a new Blog Carnival to celebrate the people of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The Carnival is Diversity in Science and the the inauguration edition will celebrate Black History Month. The announcement of the carnival is on my page: http://urban-science.blogspot.com/2009/02/its-black-history-month-celebrate.html

I am hosting the carnival on my blog, Urban Science Adventures! (c). Many in the science blogging community are on board. I'm now soliciting bloggers from the Black-blogosphere to participate. I really hope Electronic Village & BETF would participate.

Simply write a post profiling an African-American innovator or educator in STEM and submit it the carnival. Submission deadline is Feb 20, and the carnival will be posted on Feb 24.
This is the link to submit your blog post: http://blogcarnival.com/bc/submit_6257.html. Promote the carnival, encourage others to participate.

I hope you're able to participate. Shoot me an email if you have any questions.

Thanks, DNLee

Villager said...

Los Angelista - A tsunami begins with a small ripple in the ocean. Perhaps we are the small ripple that will create large change thru McAllister or others. In any case, we simply need to do our best and use our blogs whenever possible!

DNLee - I will work to get a post for your blog carnival...