February 28, 2009

Gordon Brown Invites African Union to G20 Summit

A number of villagers were part of the 51,000 ONE members that signed an online petition to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, letting him know that people around the world think it is important that the world's poorest countries have a say in reshaping the global financial system.

He listened.

The British Government extended an invitation to African Union leaders to send a representative to the G20 Summit.

This is really good news at a challenging time. While an invitation to a meeting doesn't have the immediate impact of funding development programs or cancelling debt, it is a vital step. The whole world is suffering because of the economic crisis, but the world's poorest people are the hardest hit. As the new international finance rules and structures start to take shape, it is critical that their voices are heard.


Monica Roberts said...

And it's important that Africa, as the second largest continent and its nations be represented and involved in the debate as well.

Villager said...

Monica - I agree. I look forward to the day when some of the 50 countries on the African continent will be superpowers in the world...