February 27, 2009

Mayor Dean Grose Resigns Due to Backlash on Racist Watermelon Email Postcard

Villagers will be happy to know that Los Alamitos mayor Dean Grose plans to resign next week. He insulted the Black community (in general) and President Obama (in particular) with the email postcard that he sent out last weekend.

According to Grose, “There is no way that I meant anything racist in my email. I was merely criticizing Obama’s fiscal plan, which is so horrendous that it’s almost as if it were written by watermelons.”

Obviously, he is a liar. He knew the so-called humor was race-based when he created and shared the email photo. His claim to be “absolutely shocked” at being labeled a racist is specious.

Anyhow, he issued an apology and indicates he will resign at the next City Council Meeting to be held on Monday night, March 2.

Perhaps this will be a learning moment for irresponsible Republican leaders who continue to think that it is OK to publically share racist images and comments about our president or the African American community.


PancerBali said...

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SjP said...

I hope this Grose's involuntary resignation is a wake-up call for others who continue to hide behind the "ignorant" defense. Time will certainly tell.

Jennifer said...

I am OUTRAGED!!!! Either this man is so truly stupid that he recognized no rascist association…and if so, is too disconnected from society and should never serve on any government level.

If he actually isn’t disconnected to old fashioned racial stereotypes (which we all know is true), then he blatantly LIED (we know he did!!!) when he said he was just “wondering how they would dye the watermelons for the Easter Roll.” I’m SO ANGRY that he thinks his constituents are SO IGNORANT!!! How dare he insult their intelligence.

I’m caucasion, and find this so offensive, I’m LIVID. How did this archaic, rascist, insulting man ever get into politics? I’m not a constituent of that area, but it doesn’t matter. He is an insult to mankind.

I’m VERY SURE I’m in the majority when I speak my mind. I’m sorry for the insult he inflicted on America. He is an embarrasment to mankind.

Villager said...

Sojourner - I tire of folks using that 'ignorant' argument as well. We need to continue to shine the light on this nonsense whenever we see it...

Jennifer - Thank you for sharing your outrage. It is good that the citizens of Los Alamitos put enough pressure on Dean Grose to resign his mayoral office...