February 9, 2011

Can a White Southerner Like Haley Barbour Beat President Obama in 2012?

Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS) has shown himself to be a good ol' boy from the deep South. Gov. Barbour was interviewed this weekend about his presidential aspirations.
"Our new majority only gives us one half of one third of the government. We can't put America on the right track until we elect a Republican president next year. I'm thinking about running for president and I'll make a decision in April," he said. "And I'm serious when I say that I haven't made a decision, but I'm trying to test the waters."

Do you think that Haley Barbour will become a candidate for the presidency?


Reggie said...

Nope, not gonna happen. I don't think that given the dynamics of the American voter that a "peckerwood" will ever be President of the United States again. Not only that, but each year, the possibility will get smaller and smaller and smaller still. Politics change on a dime, Barack will probably be re-elected, particularly if one of these whackjobs like Haley or Sarah is the Republican nominee. The Republican that CAN beat Barack is a no name governor or senator whose politics place them in the center.

That's the only Republican that Barack should be concerned about.

miller said...

Mr. Barbour is so completely un--self-aware that I fear he would be a disastrously incompetent president for reasons other than his Mississippian biases.

Mr. Obama may have made some missteps, but unless something truly horrible happens in his administration, he'll be easily re-elected, because whoever runs against him will seem shallow and shrill and clueless, while he will be running as the President of the United States. That's simply an awesome position to run from. He's not dour like Carter or a disconnected grandfather like HWBush.

It will seem closer than it is during the campaign, but I see at least a 53-47 split, if not more.

Gunfighter said...

"Do you think that Haley Barbour will become a candidate for the presidency?"

It doesn't matter if he does or if he doesn't... Mr. Barbour is unelectable, and his candidacy will do nothing beyond hurting the Republican's chances of weinning... which, in reality, are slimmer than they think.

Villager said...

Reggie - It should be interesting to see how the GOP goes about selecting its' 2012 presidential candidate. I see that 51% of registered Republicans feel that Obama wasn't born in America. I guess the 'Big Lie' theory is alive and well...

Miller - I hope you're right. The President is doing well right now ... and the GOP continues to shoot itself in the foot.

Gunfighter - I like it when you share your insights - direct and to the point! I'm sorry that you're not blogging any longer.

Villager said...

All - What a difference a year makes. Haley Barbour went from being a potential presidential candidate to be a disgraced former governor. What was he thinking when he pardoned all those folks at the end of his term?