February 7, 2011

Taser Death: Robert Ricks (Alexandria LA)

It happened again. This time a young, unarmed Black man was tasered-to-death by the Alexandria (LA) police department. The young man, 23-year old Robert Ricks, was in police custody at the time of his death on Saturday, February 5, 2011.

His family had called 911 earlier in the evening to get medical assistance for Ricks. The ambulance arrived ... however, they refused to treat Ricks. The police came and they arrested Ricks. At some point the police acknowledge that a taser was used on Ricks. He was found dead while in a police jail cell.

Here is a video of the taser-death from local newscasters.  It is obvious that this town isn't a fan of Black civil rights organizations as they mistakenly refer to the NAACP as "the NCAA" in their reporting of the incident. 

The young man's family is very upset



Daddy Squeeze Me! said...

It is just a shame because there are hardly any gun laws. One her in NC just says, YOU CAN NOT CARRY ONE IF YOU ARE CONVICTED FELON....what! This thing can kill somebody!

U can just go to ebay and order them all willy neely and just start shocking the hell out of everyone. It is a shame that there are no laws for these things.

Unknown said...

Miss Reese - I have been following these taser-related killings for a couple of years. I must admit that I'm not sure what to do next...