February 13, 2011

Coroner's Inquest Scheduled for Taser-Killing of Ryan Bain in Montana

Prosecutors have set a date to examine the death of a Billings man who died after a dramatic physical struggle with police. [SOURCE]

Ryan Bain, age 31, died in October of 2010, two days after authorities tased him at least four times. Police said he was resisting arrest. It's unclear if the tasing led to Bain's death.

County attorneys originally thought that the coroner's inquest would be late January.   However, we now learn that it won't take place until March 16th.  You have to wonder why it is taking so long for the coroner's inquest to be taking place.  I suspect that the powers-that-be in Billings, Montana are not anxious to learn the official cause of death and the taser's role in the incident. The trial-like proceeding is expected to take several days as more than a dozen witnesses take the stand.

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