March 27, 2011

Taser Lawsuit: Family of Audrecas Davis File Wrongful Death Lawsuit vs. DeKalb County Police

DeKalb County police killed 29-year old Audrecas Davis with multiple shots from their taser guns on May 9, 2010. An internal police investigation cleared the officers involved of wrongdoing. The DeKalb medical examiner ruled the Taser shocks did not directly cause Davis’ death, and that he had medical problems, including hypertension and heart disease. An autopsy determined he died from cardio-respiratory arrest.

Davis' parents aren't buying it. Davis' family filed a wrongful death suit against DeKalb County police. [SOURCE]
"It doesn’t make sense. It’s just what they did is wrong. It’s plain wrong," said Anne Davis.
Police officers, responding to a call from paramedics, arrived on the scene just in time to electrocute Davis six times. The police report said two officers used their 50,000-volt weapons when Davis resisted being handcuffed to a stretcher, became combative and flailed his arms.
"My son was not a threat to them at all. There was no crime involved. He was sick, he truly needed medical attention," said Davis. "I want them held accountable so they can see how they erred in their procedures, and this won’t be committed again."
The suit seeks unspecified damages.

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