July 20, 2010

Taser Autopsy: Death of Audrecas Davis is Ruled a 'Homicide'

DeKalb County medical examiner Pat Bailey ruled that the death of Audrecas Davis was a homicide and the use of a Taser was one of several contributing factors. [SOURCE]

Other factors that contributed to death were drugs, prior medical conditions and obesity. Davis, 29, died from cardiorespiratory arrest and had marijuana, caffeine and nicotine in his system. He also suffered from hypertension and sickle cell disease.

Physical exertion and morbid obesity also contributed to his death; Davis was 445 pounds when police used their taser on him.

If you remove the Taser, you can’t say they wouldn’t have died anyway,” Bailey said.
The report showed Davis suffered a seizure and drug hallucinations on May 9. Paramedics called police after Davis became combative, according to a police report.

During the struggle, officers used a Taser on Davis five times to get him to comply with their commands. Officers said in their report that they repeated the shocks because the weapon had no effect on the man.

It was only after paramedics injected Davis with valium that he calmed down. His heart also slowed down after the drug, the report stated. He was pronounced dead about 25 minutes later at the hospital.

The medical examiner also indicated that a Taser had been used on Davis before by Gwinnett Police in 2006 and he had a history of drug-related arrests.

The next step in this process rests with the prosecutors. They need to review the autopsy report and decide whether or not to bring criminal charges against the taser-wielding police officers for their role in this homicide.


Gunfighter said...

The officers won't get charged, and they shouldn't get charged.

Villager said...

Gunfighter - Time will tell if these officers who repeatedly electrocuted Mr. Davis with their taser guns will be charged with a crime. We know it was homicide. Now we find out whether or not it was murder...

Gunfighter said...

Why would it be murder?