July 13, 2010

Taser Victim 87-Year Old Phyllis Owens had a Pellet Gun, NOT an Actual Firearm

We now learn that 87-year old Phyllis Owens was electrocuted to death by a taser-happy sheriff's deputy because he couldn't tell the difference between a pellet gun and an actual firearm. [SOURCE]

Clackamas County deputies were called to a mobile home park in Boring after a report that a woman was waving a gun and threatening a man who was excavating a trench.

Deputy Steve Shelly arrived at the scene, hid in the bushes and fired 50,000 volts of deadly electricity into Mrs. Owens. She died about an hour later.

After the incident, deputies learned the gun involved was a black pellet pistol and not a firearm.

Steve Shelly, the deputy who killed this woman, is a 19-year veteran with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Corrections Division, the Oregon City Police Department and the Clackamas County Sheriff's Patrol Division.

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