July 19, 2010

The BDPA Insider - July 19, 2010

BDPA New York chapter member Eric Hamilton is becoming one of our favorite IT professionals. He was the key player in the successful grant proposal with Yahoo! Employee Foundation. He is also one of the world-class workshop presenters at the 2010 BDPA Technology Conference in Philadelphia on July 28-31.

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Savvy job seekers know how important choosing the right words is when we communicate with prospective employers--but what about nonverbal communication?

"You could be saying how great you are," says image consultant and "Hello Job! How to Psych Up, Suit Up, & Show Up" author Alison Craig, "but your body could be giving your true feelings away." Mark Bowden, the author of "Winning Body Language" agrees with Craig--and with the highly regarded Mehrabian communication study, which found that if what's coming out of your mouth doesn't match what your body is saying, your audience is more likely to believe your body.

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BDPA's vets may not be "vocal" about BDPA, but our actions certainly have been far from "silent" over the past 30+ years. Meet Joe McMahon, President, BDPA Hampton Roads and Distinguished Military Veteran.

Joe is an active volunteer who works to provide high impact educational opportunities and workforce development for grades k-12, undergraduate and graduate studies and IT professionals. He currently serves as Advisory Board member for Norfolk State University College of Engineering, and ECPI College of Technology.

His actions have earned him special recognition such as 2009 BDPA Epsilon Career Achievement Award, letters and certificates from members of US Congress, and numerous military awards including two Defense Meritorious Service Medals, three Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medals, and four Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medals.

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Call to Action - US Military Readers Poll - Tell Us Your Story

You've served your country in the US Military and now you're serving your country in BDPA. Got a story to tell about the US military and BDPA? We're asking all military veterans to answer the question:

  • What did you learn leadership and technology by serving your country in the US Military and how have you applied what you've learned to do great things in BDPA?
Send your responses to the BDPA Social Networking Team via email socialnetworking@bdpa.org.

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