July 16, 2010

Taser Death: Jerome Gill (Chicago IL)

Cook County (IL) Sheriff's officers used their taser guns to impose pre-judicial electrocution on 31-year old Jerome Hill on July 15. Jerome Gill was subject to a year-long drug investigation.

Officers were about to apprehend Gill during an undercover purchase of drugs, but he fled and resisted arrest (according to the police). 50,000 volts of electricity from a taser gun were pumped into Gill's body; he was later subdued by officers who physically pulled him to the ground and placed him under arrest.

The police say that Gill then began spitting up pieces of crack cocaine that he may have ingested. The police took Gill to Gottlieb Memorial Hospital, where he died.

An official cause of death won't be determined until toxicology results and the autopsy of Gill are completed by the Cook County medical examiner's office.

Jerome Gill may have been a drug dealer and a bad person. However, there is no death penalty for selling crack cocaine to an undercover police officer. Neither does the death penalty apply when you resist arrest. Yet, we again see that the police used their taser gun to kill someone. This pattern repeats itself on a weekly basis in America.

Something is wrong. Don't you agree?


Gunfighter said...

They didn't use Tasers to kill that man. They used tasers to subdue him. If the intent was to kill him, they just would have shot him.

Jason said...

What do you expect the officers to do ? Hope this guy doesn't have a gun ? Hope he doesn't run down the street and shoot at them ? Or even hope he will give up his life of crime because of his brush with the law ? They used a taser justifiably . Unfortunately the man died . It was not intended . Criminals know the risks they take when they break the law . That's why I don't break the law .

Villager said...

Gunfighter - Point taken ... I figure that they knew he wasn't a threat to their safety. My understanding is that the taser should not be used unless the officer is in danger. There was no danger to the officer ... they had this guy under survellience so they knew how to get him ... why kill him?

Jason - The officers had the guy in a 'sting' operation. They knew he didn't have a gun. The penalty for resisting arrest is *NOT* death. We do not want or ask our police to be executioners ... they should not engage in pre-judicial electrocutions. Don't you agree?

Charmaine said...

Im not against the law and I couldnt imagine how it is in these streets fighting crime but we have to understand that these officers never found a gun or anything that would put them in any danger to taser or beat this man to death... maybe there was a reasonable doubt to arrest him but his girlfriend and the mother of his 1 year old daughter has statements and recordings of witnesses that seen foul play during the arrest.... It wasnt okay for that man to die, it was not okay to taser and beat someone to death if they had no weapons or was already cuffed while they continued to taser him... I understand he shouldnt have ran but does that mean everyone that has a bag of weed on them or is even selling a few bags and run, the police has the right to get frustrated and mad cuz they had to chase you and beat and taser you or your loved ones to death and its okay but unfortunate cuz they shouldnt have been doing it??? Its not right and thats a life gone... Thats a father gone forever...Thats a son gone... He didnt go to jail to serve his time for the crime, he got his life taken from another human being who took the law into their own hand.... And we should think before we put these comments on the page because we have to put other people shoes on and stop looking from the outside in... Im not taking sides but the truth is the truth, that man's death was uncaused for... he was supposed to get tooken into custody and those officers was suppose to rest from that little run in with that man and chase the next dealer until they finish their last chase for the day... thats their job.. to beat and taser someone thats already cuffed is murder and they should be punished to the fullest.... I sympathize with the family

MissQueenieLuv9 said...

First off let me start by sayn that jerome was never a bad person at all he did wat he knew best to make sure that his kids, family, and friends had wat they needed. He had been doing wat he did for a long time and the police didnt like that he was making more then them and that they could never get him. Do you kno how mant times they had been watchn him and could never get him? no you dnt. So before you make jugdement on him you would never kno wat his life was like at all. If the police had so much on him he would have been gone a long time ago and for the long hall they just didn't kno how to deal wit him so they killed him and no he didn't have a gun on him at all he never carried one cause he didn't need to. This was a clear case of of the police being haters. It's crazy how can people can speak on something and never kno a person and how they lived their life real talk that was my god brother and it is very sad and a shame that he is not here for his kids and his family cause he looked out for any and everyone. He was the type of person that would give anyone the shirt or anything off his back. He didnt do anything to anyone at all it was never about subdue not by a long shot trust that so don't say anything that you don't really kno about. IT'S HATERS EVERYWHERE AND THE POLICE IN MAYWOOD AND MELROSE PARK ARE JUST SOME OF THEM.

Villager said...

Charmaine & Miss Queenie - It's been over a year since Mr. Gill was electrocuted to death by police in Chicago. I appreciate you both for sharing your insights and feelings on his untimely death. He did bad things ... but, the penalty for doing the things he was doing should not have been DEATH-by-TASER. Stay strong ... and accept our prayers for his family.