July 8, 2010

Jody Hice is Wannabe GOP Wingnut Who Buys Into the 'Obama is a Socialist' Crap

More Tea Party nonsense ... this time it's the 7th congressional district in Georgia. John Lindner (R-GA) is retiring after about 18 years in office.

An empty congressional seat is like a magnet for nuts in the 2010 election year. There are eight candidates in the July 20th Republican primary election. U.S. Rep. John Linder’s chief of staff is running for the seat. So is a state legislator. A syndicated talk show host is also among the group along with a prosecutor, a flight attendant, a state government retiree, a CPA and a human resources executive.

The state legislator -- Clay Cox is considered the favorite. Cox has been endorsed by the Atlanta Tea Party Patriots.

I'm surprised that the Tea Party didn't go for Jody Hice, the syndicated talk show host. Jody is spending money to put up several billboards around Atlanta calling out President Barack Obama's so-called "socialist" policies.

Is there never any end to the nonsense from the GOP wingnuts?

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