January 2, 2012

Artur Davis Considers Switching to Republican Party in Order to be 'Herman Cain, Jr.'

There was a time when I thought that Artur Davis was going to be a historic African American politician. He looked like he was going to follow the lead of President Barack Obama by doing what had never been done before ... in this case, being a Black man elected to serve as the governor of the state of Alabama. However, things went sidewise for former congressman Davis and he lost in the Democratic primary.

The experience soured Davis on the Democrats. That is the only explanation for his recent support of voter suppression laws around the nation. These laws have a negative impact on voter turnout for African Americans ... and so it was odd to see Davis supporting them.

However, now things make more sense. It appears that Artur Davis is now actively considering the idea of switching to the Republican Party. I guess he saw how much book sales and speaking fees went up for Herman Cain.

In my view, Artur Davis is simply a lost soul ... as our most Black folks that join the Republican Party.


rage said...

And he thinks joining the GOP is the answer!?!?!!!!? C'mon, bruh. With your BLACK self in Alabama, of all places! Get a grip, and a clue! Sure, dump the Dims! But, be an independent progressive populist who is that consummate statesman and public servant. Don't take the mark of the ReThugligarchic religio-fascist military industrial corporatocratic beast!!!!

Villager said...

Rage - I hope that Artur finds this blog post during a Google search and that he will read your advice personally!

msladydeborah said...

There is never any guarantee that any politician will win an office. This is just the nature of America's political beast. Just because he switches to the GOP does not mean he will be the governor. And if he's trying to pick a role model Herman Cain is certainly not the one he should consider. He should try to be more like Colin Powell but I am progressive and I don't live down in Bama.

Villager said...

Lady D - There are no guarantees ... however, I think that Artur Davis feels that his financial prospects are better as a public face of the Black GOP. He will become a darling of Fox News and such.