January 12, 2012

Lisa Alexander, Mother of Autistic Youth Neli Latson, Thrown in Jail by Vindictive Prosecutor

Lisa Alexander
We shared the story of Neli Latson with our 'villagers' last year. There is some more rank shyt going on this year.

Lisa Alexander, mother of Neli Latson, was convicted earlier this week on misdemeanor charges that for many would have resulted in little to no jail time. Not the case with Ms. Alexander. She was sentenced to one year incarceration (later reduced to six months).

Lisa Alexander is an 11 year military veteran with no prior criminal history. She left the military to dedicate her life to her children and to especially build a stable life for her autistic son, Neli. Neli was racially profiled, thrown in jail, and unjustly convicted in May 2010 at the hands of the same district attorney that prosecuted her.

Lisa has been tirelessly advocating for Neli and the only constant throughout his terrifying ordeal has been his mother's voice by telephone each day and their weekly visits. She is her son's coping mechanism and is absolutely vital to him.

A number of Neli's supporters believe that the incarceration of Lisa Alexander is in direct retaliation for her efforts to speak out against the corruption in Stafford County and her fight to have her son released to a facility capable of addressing his autism. Her Internet campaign to win supporters to her son's cause was even mentioned by the prosecution during the course of the trial.

Lisa has been under such an extreme amount of stress over the past few years since Neli's arrest that she has suffered severe vision loss rendering her barely able to read. Family and friends are greatly concerned for her health and well being.

I encourage all 'villagers' to find a way to support this family in crisis. Here are two things you can do right now:
  1. Like the 'Fight Against Autism and Police Injustice' Facebook page
  2. Sign the online petition
The goal is to have Neli receive a full pardon so that he can live his life with a semblance of normalcy. You can contact the supporters Neli Latson by email as well.


Carolyn Moon said...

Thanks for the information. I was unaware of this case and have followed your recommendations to add my voice to protest this miscarriage of justice as it pertains not only to her son but to her as well.

We have Autism in our family...and I understand the plight of this courageous woman as an advocate for her child. This will raise awareness and help others who are working, managing, overcoming and have become triumphant in meeting the challenges of Autism.

Villager said...

Carolyn - You are not alone... and I'm sure that the family of Neli Latson will be happy to learn that he is not alone either.