January 13, 2012

Do You Plan to Read 'The Obamas'? Michelle Obama Won't Read The Book

Do you plan to read the new book called The Obamas by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor?

The book asserts that First Lady Michelle Obama has forcefully imposed her will on White House aides and tries to portray her as "some kind of angry Black woman." This is a familiar meme for Mrs. Obama that began during the 2008 presidential campaign.

I'm glad that Mrs. Obama had a chance to share her thoughts on the book during an interview earlier this week with CBS News.

In the interview, Mrs. Obama said, “I love this job. It has been a privilege from day one.

Now there are challenges,” she added. “If there’s any anxiety that I feel, it’s because I want to make sure that my girls (Malia and Sasha) come out of this on the other end whole.
It is difficult for me to understand why people don't like Mrs. Obama. She seems to be a truly remarkable woman, wife and mother. She is a remarkable role model for all Americans ... particularly those of us in Black America. She never seems like the 'angry Black woman' in my view.
There will always be people who don’t like me,” Mrs. Obama added, and said she could live with that.

Mrs. Obama said that she’s “just trying to be me, and I just hope that over time, that people get to know me.”
I encourage those villagers with love for our First Lady to check out the Michelle Obama Watch blog. What is your opinion of First Lady Michelle Obama?


Carolyn Moon said...

I think the world of her. She makes me proud and there are millions who admire and respect her. It's unfortunate, that those in the minority are given the most press.

She stands in that Pantheon of stately females who become the best they can be despite obstacles and naysayers. There are a lot of women with the characteristics, intelligence and the beauty of Michelle Obama out there and it's wonderful to see her as the first lady of the United States. So to the sullen ones and haters...deal with it for she is exemplifying what America can and should be about.

Unknown said...

Carolyn - I imagine if I were to make up my list of the Black women in America that I admire the most ... our first lady would be at or near the top of that list.

I hope that she has another 4 years in that particular role living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC!

Carolyn Moon said...

Me too!!!!! ^◡^

Big Mama said...

Omo, If Mrs. Obama is not going to read a book purportedly about her, I will not either. I think she is an excellent role model for the country and I expect she will leave a legacy just as lasting as, say, Eleanor Roosevelt... my second favorite First Lady. Iya

Unknown said...

All - For those of you on Pinterest ... I encourage you to visit my board devoted to First Lady Michelle Obama.

Iya - I don't have a clue who my second favorite First Lady is. I need to ponder that one some more!