January 18, 2012

'Middle of Nowhere' is a Movie That Showcases Black Talents at Sundance Festival

It's nice to see a new generation of Black actors and actresses getting a chance to showcase their talents in Hollywood. I see where a new movie, 'Middle of Nowhere' is making its debut at the 2012 Sundance Festival.

The movie follows a woman named Ruby who loses her husband to incarceration and loses herself in the process. Eventually, she becomes torn between two world - and two men - on the journey back to herself.

Ruby is played by newcomer Emayatzy Corinealdi with Omari Hardwick and David Oyelowo co-starring as the two men in her life. I enjoyed watching Omari when he was prominent in the Dark Blue television series. I also enjoyed David when he was a principal in the BBC drama series, MI-5. I hope that they both get recognition for this move to the big screen.

Big props to Ava DuVernay. She wrote and directed this film. It is nice to see Black people no longer feel a need to complain about the lack of Black images in the movies ... instead they take the initiative to create their own projects that put our actors and actresses on the screen themselves! Kujichagulia in action!

I hope that this blog post encourages you to find a way to support Ava as well as this movie!


Carolyn Moon said...

Bro Villager..I see we are of like minds...I've featured this on my sidebar under Indies/Cinema Previews/Shorts.

The hubby and I are going to the movie to see 'Red Tails' this Friday.
I'll let you know what I think. My misgivings may be unfounded. The context remains a thorn in my psyche..though!

Unknown said...

Carolyn - Great minds...

re: Red Tails. I've overcome my objections and decided to support the movie this weekend as well!

The content of the movie is important enough for me to overcome my angst about Terrence Howard ... and I watched the 1995 TV movie on the subject earlier this week ... and maybe I'll be surprised and find a sister someplace in the cast!

Lady (Bug) / Grammy said...

Hey Villager,

It's been a while... this is The Booga Wooga's "Grammy". We once shared a common interest back in 2009 about the disappearance of Hassani Campbell. I thought you might want to know that his case was one of two featured on the premiere of TV One's "Find Our Missing" tonight @ 10:00pm. Someone finally heard us and we now have a TV show that will focus solely on African Americans who have gone missing. See the link below to a recent blog post I did to spread the word about the show. Unfortunately, Hassani's whereabouts is still a mystery and I fear the worst, as his case will be 3 years old in August of this year. If you missed the show, try to catch the repeat or tune in next week... it was very good. Take care!


Quick said...

Great minds indeed! I'm doing a week long feature on Sundace and i've got this film slated for post later in the week! I'm excited that there was plenty of diversity at the festival this year

Unknown said...

All - Ava made history last week by winning Sundance 'Best Director' award!

Carolyn Moon said...

Absolutely wonderful and well deserved!

Unknown said...

Grammy - I saw the pilot of the Find Our Missing show that included updated information on Hassani Campbell. I've had the show set for DVR recording at my home. It is good that TV-One is broadcasting this show every week.

Thank you for sharing the link to your blog post as well!