March 8, 2012

Past is Prologue: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

Often you can tell a lot about a person today by looking at how the person was 'back in the day'. For example, we can look at Mitt Romney in this photo with his Bain partners from 'back in the day' and it is obvious that he has an obsession for money.

On the other hand, we can tell an awful lot about President Barack Obama by listening to him in this 1990 video as he speaks (without a teleprompter) in support of Professor Derek Bell and the hiring of more faculty members of color at Harvard University. [SOURCE]

What say u?


Carolyn Moon said...

Dr. Bell was and still is of my heroes. I've shared his books on my recommended reading list and his video interviews have been on my rotation of panels/readings/lectures.

We choose our heroes and our advocates and the right wing white and black pundits have made a contract with each other that defies human decency and fairness.

We must not let them destroy years/decades of sweat, suffering, death and humiliation of a people to move forward despite barriers.

Unknown said...

Carolyn - Dr. Bell is one of my all-time favorite authors. I wonder if Sean Hannity and the other GOP wingnuts understand that Dr. Bell is an icon for many of us in the Black community. He is the wrong person to pick on when trying to attack the character of our president.

Carolyn Moon said...

@Villager...AMEN to that!