September 6, 2012

Taser Death: Denis Chabot (Houston, TX)

It happened again! Another unarmed and confused man was electrocuted with over 50,000 volts of electricity from a taser-happy policeman. This time the judge, jury and executioner was an unidentified officer of the Houston Police Department (HPD) who thought apparently didn't have the necessary training to subdue 38-year old Denis Chabot without using lethal force on September 1st. [SOURCE]

Denis Chabot was visiting a friend at a motel in north Houston when he got agitated. The motel manager and motel security guard called the problem into the Houston Police Department. The manager and guard wanted Chabot to leave.

When officers arrived, Chabot tried to leave. The unidentified police officers didn't want him to leave at that point ... so they unleashed their taser gun on him. A short time later Chabot was dead.

Not surprisingly, the police have been trying to spin the story by letting folks in the media know that Chabot had been arrested in the past for possession of marijuana, theft, robbery by threats and unauthorized use of a vehicle. They also want folks to know that Chabot lost his parental rights as a result of the arrests.
"His death could have been prevented if (HPD) had acted with sympathy toward someone who had problems with drugs," said the victim's brother, Christian Chabot.
What his past behavior has to do with the decision of the Houston Police Department to kill him is beyond my understanding. Chabot was unarmed. The fact that he used drugs is not ordinarily something we punish folks with the death penalty, yet, here we are ... a man is dead.

Family members are questioning the arrest protocol of the Houston police. His brother was 5-foot-5 and 125 pounds, Christian Chabot said,
"How much force is needed to put a guy that size down? My brother's death is a tragedy and he met an untimely and unjust end."


Reggie said...

Why is it so easy for police to murder some of us?!?

Unknown said...

Reggie - Best advice that I give my son is to never put yourself in a position where you give the police a reason ('real or imagined') to do you harm.