September 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Melba Tolliver, Pioneer of the Afro Hairstyle

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Reggie said...

There was actually a pioneer of the afro?!? I thought that just came from the motherland?!?

Unknown said...

Reggie - The remarkable thing about OURstory (as opposed to his-story) is that we can honor it in many different ways and in many different places and in many different eras!

My last afro was probably back in 1979 or so while I was still in college. How about you?

Levois said...

i just saw this posting. it's hard for me to believe afros caused controversy back then. enough for a station to take her off the air or at least attempt to. wondering that just shows my age i suppose.

Unknown said...

Levois - We're all getting up there in age! Funny, but true story -- my 12-year old son informed me yesterday that he has decided to grow his hair into an afro. His comment -- "like you had back in the day Dad."

I give him 2 weeks ... then he'll realize the issues with afro 'maintenance'!