September 28, 2012

Taser Death: Timothy Dennis (Oklahoma City, OK)

It happened again! This time an unidentified Oklahoma City police officer used his taser on an unarmed man, Timothy Dennis. The taser didn't kill him immediately. Mr. Dennis died after spending three days on life support. [SOURCE]

Police were called in on Sunday evening based on a call that a man was walking down the street firing a gun. The police arrived. Mr. Dennis didn't show enough deference and he was shocked once with 50,000 volts of electricity from a taser.

No evidence has been reported by the police about a gun being found on or near Mr. Dennis ... that means he was unarmed, huh?

Dennis' death is being investigated by the department's homicide and internal affairs units. I imagine that we will get stories of his past police record. However, the bottomline is that a man is dead after being electrocuted by a police taser ... evidently another unarmed man.


Reggie said...

When will the police learn that we're not some sort of animal for sport?!?

Unknown said...

I would so much LOVE to get closure for my brothers death!! I've still yet to see any evidence of my brother having a gun & it will be 4 yrs this sept 2016. I would also like to get a petition together to stop officers from tasing above the chest area. My brother wasn't tased once but at least 3 times. Twice in his back & once in the head he also looked as if he was beatened he was pretty bruised up. The officer involved was never investigated I will proceed legally until something is rectifyied.