September 7, 2012

Jesse Jackson Joins Cornel West, Tavis Smiley and Others in My 'Hall of Shame'

I enjoyed the 3-day coverage of the Democratic National Convention held in Charlotte NC this week. The speeches were outstanding. I was uplifted by Michelle Obama; educated by Bill Clinton; delightfully surprised by both Julian Castro and Deval Patrick; inspired by Gabrielle Giffords; proud of Joe Biden; and reminded of the hope that our nation has invested in Barack Obama.

The only downer for me was when the camera panned into the crowd and I saw Rev. Jesse Jackson in the crowd.

I still find myself feeling a physical sense of disgust whenever I see Rev. Jesse Jackson on television. I saw him milling around the floor during the DNC Convention and wondered how he got a ticket. I should probably forgive the guy ... but, his back-stabbing comment in advance of the 2008 presidential election -- joking about castration ain't funny, especially when the suggestion is directed at Barack Obama.

Jackson is 70-years old. He may have been the first credible Black candidate for president (with apologies to Shirley Chisolm) when he ran back in the day. He connected with me when I was younger. I chanted 'Run, Jesse, Run!' with the best of them back in the day.

Today, I just want the guy to fade into obscurity. Why does he show up at these things? I didn't see Cornel West or Tavis Smiley in the audience. Artur Davis, Herman Cain nor Allen West were anywhere to be seen in Charlotte. Sadly, I tend to think of Jesse Jackson having more in common with these brothers than he does with President Barack Obama.

Jesse Jackson lives in Chicago ... but, I tend to believe that the security guards in the lobby of the Obama Campaign Headquarters in that city have a photo taped to their desk with instructions not to let him anywhere near the elevators.

You just can't joke about cutting the boys off

My mom would counsel me to 'Let Go and Let God' ... and I 'spose that at some point I will forgive Jesse Jackson. But, this week, when I saw his face on my television screen I wanted to puke.


kennyx6 said...

To save face. Jesse had to show up at the DNC. Inspite of the fact that he could be thrown out or rejected. His ego demanded an appearance. First, outside of the DNC, he spoke to the media, press and news people. All the time pretending that everything was OK. But he did not appear to have any DNC floor credential, security or access passes. He was bluffing his way in, but could not get pass a strictly enforce security planned by DNC.

HeB said...

Although, I didn't mind "seeing" him at the DNC, I did mind "hearing" him. Give him is due for the work he's done, but the microphone...absolutely not! Especially when the mic has a fox on it!

Reggie said...

I can't let it go either. But Jesse was already in my doghouse. Isn't it amazing how we're unforgiving when our heroes let us down.

I remember being a student and chanting "Run Jesse Run" too.

Anson Asaka said...

Everyone makes mistakes. All of us have our shortcomings. It is time to forgive Rev. Jesse Jackson. That happened in 2008. He should not continue to be crucified for that sin.

There would be no President Obama without the historic contributions of Rev. Jackson. For decades, Rev. Jackson has been at the forefront of the black liberation struggle. Trashing him for one mistake is wrong.

Unknown said...

Kenny - Maybe all past candidates for presidency from any party get a lifetime pass to future conventions?

HeB - Amen! However, he still is called as a guest by too many of the cable networks. On another note, I bet that Jesse Jackson has the same envy for Al Sharpton when he sees how Sharpton turned his activism credentials into a regular TV show.

Reggie - I don't begrudge the legacy that Jesse has in our history. I just want him to understand that his opinion is no longer relevant from a public bullhorn in the 21st century. He just seems like an opportunist nowadays ... not a statesman or a person to respect. I even look at the photos at the Memphis hotel when MLK was assassinated with a different opinion today than I did in the past. Opportunist from the early days until last week's DNC convention.

Unknown said...

Anson - I appreciate your perspective. I wrote this blog post in my hopes that it would allow me to purge my frustration with Jesse Jackson and to move forward in a more positive way with him. I'm not there yet ... but, I still prefer not to see him on television any longer.

Tee Biz said...

Jesse Jackson was right in dissing Obama. Obama has been one big phony sell-out since he got into office. WE need people like him and Tavis Smiley and Cornel West; calling out Obama's lame-ass agenda. Some of our folks are soooo blind, they'll follow this atheist, centrist, non-chicagoan, un-american; right off a damn cliff just because he's HALF-black.

Unknown said...

Tariq - I appreciate you for sharing your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You call our president by a lot of names. You indicate that his agenda isn't strong enough for your liking. Can you be more specific?