December 6, 2012

Black Tech Digest Seeks to Stomp the Digital Divide

Blacks In Technology recently announced the launch of its new website -- BIT Tech Digest. BIT Tech Digest is the first online technology driven publication featuring articles written entirely by minority technology experts. The new site reflects Blacks In Technology’s continued effort and mission to increase the visibility of the Black technologist by establishing effective communication among Black people in the field to help drive individual growth, development and long-term success in the technology industry.

Greg Greenlee
The BIT Tech Digest features content focused on a variety of technology topics including networking, virtualization, software design and development and professional advancement. The BIT Tech Digest will also highlight technology news and information about today’s minority tech entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations.

Greg Greenlee, founder of the Blacks In Technology community site and the BIT Tech Digest, believes the site will change the perception of how today’s engineers and technologists are visualized by providing an outlet for Blacks and other minority technology professionals and enthusiasts to share their expertise and experience.

BIT Tech Digest was launched as a live Google+ hangout. You can view the recorded event here: BIT Tech Digest Live Launch Event.

You can follow BIT Tech Digest on Twitter: @BITTechDigest

If you’d like more information about the BIT Tech Digest or are interested in sharing your knowledge with the community please contact Greg at

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