December 20, 2012

Villger Rule #1220: Men and Long Nails

Villager Rule #1220: A man shall not have long fingernails unless he is a wizard.


Daddy Squeeze Me! said...

I do not know how i feel about this. I mean I feel like yes your fingernails should be neat and clean and low if not painted. Now, i guess it struck me because of the conversation a few young black men like myself, with natural hair have been having about our status in the world as men with some length of hair. I have a high top fade, but they actually have well taken care of hair. It is the pressure the world puts on us making us feel as black men we are not clean or professional unless our hair is skinned or shaved down to our scalp. Why is it that on average, a white guy can walk around with 3-5 inches of hair and that is fine, but we as black men are told our hair is nappy, ugly, unprofessional, we look like hoodlums, thugs, criminals, crack dealers, etc. Why do we have to suffer this way and be ashamed of the way we look? I would love to see you do a post on this, even if you do not have long hair yourself.

Unknown said...

Daddy Squeeze Me - Personally, I don't have any issues about the length of hair. I grew up with a nice-sized afro and wore it in a 'shag' cut for many moons. My attitude on hair in the workplace is that it should be clean and well-groomed. The length of it is up to the individual. Currently I wear my hair close to the scalp (not bald) because it is easier to care for. I like to be able to simply wake up ... brush ... and be ready to roll!

As for the 'pressure the world puts on us ...' That only works if we let it.

Reggie said...

You sound like my father.

When I was a college sophomore, one of my girlfriends used to file my nails and put clear polish on them. After a couple of months, my nails got kinda long. Well I saw my father one day and when he saw my hands, he said I needed to hit my hands on a brick a few times to make them look right. Needless to say, I cut my nails and I haven't had polish on them since.

Nah, men don't need long nails do we?

I keep myself fairly well groomed. I cut my hair at least once a week....shave it anyway. I like it short and I keep my nails the same way. I guess I grew up to be my father.

Unknown said...

Reggie - ..."I grew up to be my father.".

Amen to that. And you know what ... it's a good thing!

Merry Christmas Reggie!