August 26, 2014

Powerful Eulogy by Al Sharpton at Funeral of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

I've always had mixed feelings about Rev. Al Sharpton. However, I have to admit that his commitment to the empowerment of the Black community is evident from his long years and persistence. He has a daily radio show, a daily television show, runs the National Action Network and such.

The family of Michael Brown asked him to give a 'national eulogy' as part of the young man's funeral in Ferguson, MO on August 25, 2014.

Did you see it?

What are your thoughts about the clarion call for change made by Al Sharpton at the funeral of slain teenager, Michael Brown?


Big Mama said...

I watch him every day on MSNBC.I think his experience and civil rights matters will be helpful would be interesting. He has matured greatly from the days when he first started and I really believe that he is sincere in wanting to effect the changes that need to be made. I know something that Al Sharpton is about Al Sharpton I don't think that anymore.

Unknown said...

Iya - Al Sharpton is doing some good works. I appreciate his tenacity and his persistence. We can all learn lessons from him on those two points...