August 23, 2014

What To Do If You're Stopped by the Police

We all recognize the need for effective law enforcement, but we should also understand our own rights and responsibilities — especially in our interactions with the police. We also need to realize that having rights doesn't guarantee that you will survive to tell the tale of your interaction with the police as demonstrated by the following photo array!

Here are some are some suggestions on what to do if you are stopped, questioned, arrested or injured in your encounter with the police:
  • Do not make any statements regarding the incident.
  • Don’t get into an argument with the police.
  • Don’t resist even if you believe you are innocent.
  • Don’t run.
  • Don’t touch any police officer.
  • If you are arrested, ask for a lawyer immediately.
  • If you are injured, take photos of the injuries as soon as possible, but make sure you get medical attention first. Ask for copies of your medical treatment files.
  • If you complain at the scene, or tell the police they’re wrong, do so in a non-confrontational way that will not intensify the scene.
  • Keep your hands where the police can see them.
  • Never bad-mouth a police officer.
  • Remember officers’ badge numbers, patrol car numbers and physical descriptions.
  • Remember, anything you say or do can be used against you.
  • Stay calm and in control of your words, body language and emotions.
  • Try to find witnesses and their names and phone numbers.
  • Write down everything you remember ASAP.
Is there anything you would add to this list? Any thoughts run through your mind as you read through this list?


Ned Hamson said...

We all need an App like the old Fuzzbuster that will set off an alarm in your head to chill and stand still until police are not longer detected in your immediate area. Have not figured out what would set off alarm yet. What a world if you are not of the stereotypical good people in the eyes of police or people who call police for everything.

Unknown said...

Ned - Fuzzbuster, huh? Anything that would help our young people avoid getting into situations where their lives are in danger from those who are sworn to 'protect and serve' would be truly appreciated!

CCG said...


Unknown said...

CCG - Feel free to cross-post! I 'spose at some point we need to create a laminated card with this information that will fit on the sun-visor in your car so that it is available when you need it!!