August 24, 2014

Taser Death: Jose Paulino, Jr. (Tamaqua, PA)

It happened again! This time an unarmed 38-year old man - Jose Paulino, Jr. - was electrocuted to death after several taser shots by unidentified Tamaqua police officers. The police officers indicate that Mr. Paulino didn't comply with their orders.

So they killed him.

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Since when did being disrespectful of a police officer become a death penalty offense? Were the officers in a hurry to clock out? They couldn't wait to see if there was some other way to help this unarmed husband and father?

Our blog had been sharing updates on taser-related deaths for a number of years. Perhaps it is time for us to get back into it again! Let us know if you have any additional information on this specific taser torture incident or others that may come across your timeline.

In the meantime, our prayers are with the Paulino family as they deal with the results of this horrible police encounter.


Ned Hamson said...

Guilty and justified killing if police decide to tase someone whether justified or not. All the years you covered this and so many cases seems folks do not care and fall for the color the victim as some potential crazed killer. I knew police who were proud of never having to even pull our their revolver or use force to deal with suspected criminals. Now most seem to want to be able to shoot, beat, or tase anyone they please.

Unknown said...

There are no organized protests or opposition to the continued increase of taser torture incidents around the nation. I guess we won't see anything change until a blue-eyed blonde is the victim...